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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

4 Quarters = 1 Quilt Top

Yesterday before the Stitching was Shopping, Shopping, Shopping! 

Needed to replenish the supply of canned cat food because 20 cans on hand is clearly, dangerously, a totally inadequate amount in the cabinet. The cats might have been forced to subsist solely on DRY cat food - the horror of that concept is too overwhelming to even think about, let alone say aloud.   It was on sale so I picked up 60 cans - another 2 months supply  - which made 3 kitties slightly happy.  

Other things were just routine household items - boring!  No fabric was sought or bought, except the purple canvas duck for the next saddle pad slipcover.  And of course, foodstuffs were laid in, in light of our 1 day snowstorm.  This Winter has been ridiculous!  And we aren't done yet.  Ridiculous!

The afternoon found me tucked happily in the studio, cranking out some production piecing.  The blocks for the remaining quarters of 'Grey is Not a Color' were all pressed and ready.  

And before I knew it, I finished piecing both quarters which means, since this will be a Quilt As You Go project, I have a completed top!  Four Quarters = 1 Quilt Top!!

All four quarters were briefly pinned to the design wall for that picture but had to be taken down as a certain kitty was playing behind the edges nearest the floor.

I also ripped down and pre-washed the granite color Riley Blake fabric for the back of this quilt.  I have to say it washed up beautifully with minimal threading.  I'll be using Quilter's Dream all cotton batting for this quilt.  Only thing I have left is to decide what quilting design to use.

Today, the silk quilt's remaining six rows moved to the top of the stitching list.  What's on top of your list today?


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