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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Closet Renovation Continues

The closet renovation was planned for Monday and it should have only taken one day.
 Well, things happen and then you break out the wall patch.  House projects are excellent for teaching patience and flexibility, whether you want those lessons or not.

The emptying of the closet went okay, except there is a big pile of stuff to go through and edit.  The old wire shelf system was not sturdy or stable.  It did not allow us to add anymore shelves.  Here are some candid shots.

Pretty isn't it??  Not!!
Check out the slanting top shelf
Shelf support? That piece of wood is not even anchored into the wall.
An extra row of unused wall anchors
In removing the old shelves, DH hit a snag or several snags - these weird combo shelf support clips/wall anchors.  They don't unscrew or release in any fashion. 

Nasty bits of hardware!
The only way to get them out left chunks of missing wallboard.  The DH knew this would not make me happy - this HAD to be fixed before any new system went into the closet.

After Demolition
I broke out the wall patch and started filling holes.  While they dried, I started in on the new paint job - Belgian Cream - warm, bright and clean.  A definite difference from the old color.

Half painted walls
During the drying hours, I worked on sorting piles of paperwork for filing into the new filing system - oh yes, that's the next project, kind of running simultaneously.  Along with totally rearranging the furniture in the office to better utilize the space.  

A small dresser and 2 CD storage shelf units have already left the office.  One house project just leads to the next and the next and so on.   The small dresser has found a new home in the studio to house art supplies in the space I usually use them in, which means I have some rearranging to do down there.  It never ends. But it will give us a simpler, more organized life so we can focus on what's important - living, not owning stuff and being owned by stuff.

New paint job
By 8:00 pm, the closet walls were done.  All holes are filled and the second coat of paint is drying.  Sweet Man takes over from here. Shelves to come!  


Tuesday - Day Two of Closet Renovation.  

The closet was all ready for the new shelf system.  Sweet Man woke up fairly creaky and just slightly cranky.  Well, he did sleep on the couch last night since his bad was covered with my clothes and though he didn't mind much, his hip wasn't as thrilled with it.  So the project got off to a slow start.

The head rail went up, the shelf standards were positioned for my inspection and off I went to Home Depot to exchange the 2 five foot standards for 2 seven foot standards.  This will allow me to hand shelves almost down to the floor. Not that I would but the five footers were just too short.

Once I got home, the project continued at lightening speed. The standards were installed, the shelves and clothes rod cut to size and...

Need to find just the right light chain pull end to fit my personality!
I have a new closet!!!  These shelves are anchored seven ways to Sunday, resulting in a very sturdy system capable of handling anything I can put on them.  I am thrilled to say the least!  This configuration added SIX FEET of shelf space! And I can always add a shelf or two more if needed, though they would be closer together (they are spaced 14 inches apart right now).

Take a look side by side:

BEFORE                                                       AFTER

Clothes have been hung but I need to find some storage bins for the shelves to keep things neat & tidy.  I'll be in the garage today, hopefully finding things to re-purpose.  With luck, the majority of the office project will be behind us by the weekend.  Fingers crossed! I have stitching to do...

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