A View of My Quilt Life

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Crashed My Fabric Diet!

It really wasn't my fault - I Swear!!

I was just standing there, at the cutting table of my most favorite quilt shop in the Universe - Lolly's Fabrics in Shipshewana, Indiana - minding my own business. 

 I was catching up with Kris, the manager, while admiring all the fabulous fabric all around us.   

This is a busy shop, so Kris had to help other customers and that's when my attention wandered a bit ... right over to the In the Beginning Fabrics Modern Solids 2 collection by Jason Yenter.  The colors are just so yummy in this shot cotton collection!  

To distract myself, I turned away...right to face the Kafe Fasset woven display.  ACK!! Sensory Overload! So I turned away...back to facing the Modern Solids. ACK!!

Then it hit me - I glanced at the solids, then the wovens, the solids, the wovens and back and forth like a spectator at a tennis match. These were a potential match made in quilter's heaven.  There was one woven, in particular, that spoke to me so I reached out, grabbed it and carried it over to see close up if the colors really matched the solids or was I just being sucked in by pretty fabrics, again.

One of the neatest features of that particular spot in the shop is the overhead prism reflecting natural skylight thingy.

 I borrowed this picture from their website and you can see the huge square thing on the ceiling that lets in natural diffused and reflected light - right over the cutting table - so you can really judge the colors correctly!

At this point, I was gone.  The bolts of fabric jumped off the shelves to the cutting table and came home with me.

You be the judge - here they are hanging out on the clothes line, drying in 35 degree temp. 

Photo shot facing the sunlight

Photo shot with sun behind me
Don't they just play nice together?  The strip is a one yard cut and the solids are a third of a yard each.  No, I have no particular quilt design in mind for them yet.   I'm over there, standing in  'Bad Quilter' timeout corner for breaking the 'Shop the Stash' rule.  Of course, nothing is stopping me from thinking about a quilt design while I am taking my punishment.  It was worth it.


  1. What gorgeous fabrics! I'd find them very hard to resist, too!

  2. This was a fun read. Looking forward to seeing the quilt that comes out of the corner ... :) Pat