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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Now Under the Needle

The French Braid center panel is still hanging on the design wall.  The photos I took and posted yesterday made me realize the line of quilting I am missing on the larger braid section legs.  I added it in yellow below.

I am going to try it on a few legs but I think it will end up breaking up the space a little better.  While I was figuring that out, I had something else under the needle yesterday.

The first quarter panel of Sweet Man's 'Grey is Not a Color' is being quilted.  
First quarter of Grey is Not a Color

I am outlining each block of color and then quilting 4 lines down the center of them, using a Sulky Blendables 30 wt. cotton thread in 'Soft Blacks'

Simple straight line quilting
Sulky Blendable 30 wt. cotton 'Soft Blacks'
The quilting cannot be too dense as this needs to be a light, soft drape-y quilt when it's done. DH does not sleep under any kind of heavy blanket/comforter/quilt. I may add some additional quilting in the sashing or I may not - have to see more of the block quilting done before I decide.

Now I can alternate between quilting on both of these projects so I don't get bored with either of them.  Need to find my machine quilting zen state.

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