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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy Saturday!!

While my DH is away for a day (or two), me & the mice, er, dogs & cats, will play!

The camera has been found! In the kitchen?!  Slowly getting back to normal around here, things are finding new or better homes.

My sewing table had been pressed into service as a downstairs work table as the DH added wheels to the bottom of the second recycled kitchen cabinet. This one will stay in the garage, not coming into the studio like the first cabinet.  Now, the sewing table has been cleared & cleaned and the machine is back in place. 

And I have no idea what is going under the needle!

There are quite a few projects with deadlines looming and no final design in sight yet.  I may end up piecing on 'Grey is Not a Color', nice size straight seams and only three quarters left to assemble.

Oh and I found yet another challenge contest...like I need another hole in my head!  But it is cool and for a good cause!

Quilt Alliance (Alliance for American Quilts) announced it annual contest. Check out the guidelines for the Inspired By  contest. It supports a worthy, quilty cause.

From the website:

Our annual contest is all about Inspiration this year.

Our mission is to document, preserve and share the stories of (all) quilts and (all) quiltmakers. We encourage everyone who makes quilts to enter our annual contest regardless of their style (traditional, modern, art) or technique (longarm, hand quilting, applique, pieced...) --all are welcomed and valued!

I need to go do some research and some stitching.

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