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Friday, March 21, 2014


This time I fully admit that I had a MAJOR idiot moment. No, really, I did! 

It was such a slap-your-forehead, DUH moment that my DH, Sweet Man, was laughing out loud at me and I couldn't get mad at him because I. AM. AN. IDIOT!!

It all started a about two weeks ago when the DH was tidying up the garage.  Up high, on the back of a deep shelf, was this:

I had forgotten about this, as it was given to me a few years ago by my friend, Pam and well, as the saying goes - out of sight, out of mind. SHAME on me!  I told him to set it over to the side as I needed to work on it, when I had a minute. 

That minute came today.  I opened the case.

Yes, I knew it was a sewing machine. 
Yes, I believe I knew it was an older Singer. 

BUT, I did not realize that it was a Singer 301A.   In near perfect condition!!!  Look at that pretty original two-tone finish.  All I've done is wipe her down with a damp cloth to get the little bit of surface dirt off. No caked on grunge on this beauty!

She is ever so slightly, a teeny tiny bit stiff when I rotate the wheel - nothing a spot or two of oil won't fix.

Complete with perfect cord, intact bobbin case and extra bobbins!

The red and white sticker on the bottom reads "Sewing Room Machine".  The serial number (NB064729) dates her to about 1956, manufactured in Anderson, South Carolina.

On the front bottom edge there is the name "Wendy Fallon" and a date "12-25-75", etched into the finish.  So, she is officially named Wendy!  I need to talk to Pam  to find out if she knows any more about this machine's history.

There is not much I can say in my defense except that until recently I didn't know much about vintage machines other than Singer Featherweights (I have two).  Other than another friend, Martha (Thistle Rose Weaving - check out her most recent post on the Spring Fling Shawl, it's beyond gorgeous!!) having another vintage Singer (500 - Rocketeer) and loving it.  Since last fall, I have had further exposure to and education about other brands and models of vintage machines and I am loving them!  No fancy electronic gizmos, no computer bits to fail or fry, no inaccessible areas that can't be checked or cleaned, no plastic parts. 

Unfortunately, the original grass cloth covered trapezoid case is pretty beat up. It may end up being recovered or maybe turn into a modge podge decoupage project.  In the meantime, I have a workhorse, slant-needle, gear driven (no  exposed belt or motor), 58 year old big sister to the Featherweights to drive around my studio.  I can't stop smiling...even though I am an idiot.


  1. You Are An Idiot all right, especially when I have asked you several times about this machine! I am head over heels happy for you! My Frannie is a 500A - better known as the Rocketeer. Which means that between the two of us we have just about all the really highly prized Singer model sewing machines from that era. We rock!

    Cherry, I have a bunch of extra cams guess you better get over here for a long over due visit and pick them up! Might even have some other things your Wendy can use.

    love ya, Scarlet

  2. Yep...so sorry, you are definately an idiot! But I say that with love! I adore my Singer 301A.....she is a magnificent machine..enjoy yours! Lucky you, yours is two toned!!

  3. Cute machine! I don't think I've ever seen one of that particular model. Just checked ebay in AU, and there are none there, so perhaps this model was never sold here. No Rocketeers here, either!