A View of My Quilt Life

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hopping Around

No sewing got done yesterday but then again, no chores yesterday either!

I was Shop Hopping!

Ten fabulous shops in the northwest and west and far, far west suburbs of Chicagoland area joined together for the Fat (Quarter) & Sassy Shop Hop, running from yesterday through Sunday.   If you have a chance, check it out  Fat & Sassy Shop Hop 2014 Passport 
There are some great prizes to win and a great way to get out and enjoy the almost Spring weather.

I had a blast!!  I started a bit later than I wanted, had a schedule to keep and a budget for this adventure.  The day was grey & windy but each shop was warm & inviting and they all had fat quarters for $2.50 each!  

Of the ten shops, I hit eight of them in a day, covering 175 miles.  The last two are more local to me & I'll be going to them later today, since we have plans for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow and I don't want to wait until Sunday to finish the hop.  Some of the shops were new to me and a few I had been to before, but shops change & expand so it was good to visit them.

Here's a few pictures of my haul.

That big hunk of cream you see - that's Essex linen (55% linen, 45% cotton). This will be the first time I will work with it. We'll see. The rest are shot cottons or cross weaves.

Some new bright batiks for the stash, all except the blue - that's a shot cotton. The bar is a quilter's soy lotion bar to help banish the winter dry skin. I think I'm beginning to see a new quilt emerging from the fabrics here.

The top piece is a federal blue for the Daring Downton Debacle quilt that I was running short on.  Love that tan Stonehenge and the bottom blue is a batik that I couldn't resist.

I'm off to see what the last two shops have for me to find.  I'll let you know.