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Monday, March 3, 2014

Grey is Not a Color!

Yes, I know that's a very broad, potentially controversial statement but it's the name of DH's quilt in progress. 

It's been a running joke between us since 2001.  When I first met Sweet Man, his wardrobe could be divided in to three piles for laundry - White, Grey and Denim.  Grey was his pop of color. If you've been following my blog or check out my gallery of quilts, you don't see many shades of grey (unless it was a challenge quilt). Tropical, saturated, brights are more my cup of tea.  He's come along way since then but he does love his grey!

Back in 2011 (ACK!!!), I started to make him a quilt, carefully selecting grey batiks ranging from palest silver to almost black.  I got exactly one quarter of the top done and ran out of steam. It was boring and repetitive and easily stuffed in a bag and put aside. I actually 'lost' it for awhile - BAD Quilter!

'Grey is Not a Color' Plan
I am attempting to avoid facing the blank sheet of paper on the design wall so I dragged this project back out, pinning it up over the dreaded paper. It's repetitive sewing - perfect for thinking or not, about other projects while I stitch. The rectangles finish at 4"x 7", with the sashing measuring at an inch and a half.  There are 144 rectangles, set 12 by 12.  So the quilt will be 84" x 84" before I add any borders. It's got to be big because Sweet Man is tall ( 6' 4").

Top left quarter - not all the shades of grey.
Saturday evening we had company until rather late, so yesterday was a quiet day inside, staying out of the latest blast of cold winter air.  I sat and sewed the sashing strips to all of the remaining rectangles - all 108 of them.  It really didn't take all that long to sew; cutting all the sashing strips did.  It made for a restful, productive day.

Next comes pressing all the blocks and sewing them together into the other three quarters of the quilt. I am planning on Quilt as You Go for this top, one quarter at a time, since it's a big one. 

The Granite Riley Blake fabric I won as a blog giveaway from  Christa Quilts will be a perfect back for this quilt.  (THANKS Christa!!!)  That fabric is already on it's way to me - should arrive this week. 

It will be good to get this quilt done for Sweet Man - he deserves it. Especially after we complete the next house project which starts today.  Wonder what that might be? Stay tuned!

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