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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What's in Your Closet?

At the moment, there is nothing in mine... and I couldn't be happier!

Confession Time:
I had Closet Envy!  I did and I freely admit it. 

The DH recently installed a new shelf/hanging closet system in the Master Bedroom, which is his closet (a spacious seven feet wide, BTW).  

Stock picture of six foot closet.
My closet is in the second bedroom upstairs that we use as an office. It sucks! It is only five feet wide, which I could deal with IF it had a decent organizer in it - it doesn't. Oh, there are wire shelves in there. 

Crappy ones that are not sturdy or stable.  They are screwed into the drywall, without the benefit of good drywall anchors and adequate support brackets.  And the configuration is not conducive to maximizing the storage space. 

So I came down with a case of Closet Envy. 

Symptoms include: gazing longingly at leftover white wire shelves, calculating just how many pairs of shoes will fit on proper shelves, doodling different shelf layouts on your quilting graph paper, and detouring into the shelving aisle when making a quick run to Home Depot for even more wall anchors.

We are a bit frustrated by the lack of storage space in the townhouse and the amount of stuff we have.  The stuff is steadily being whittled away  - passed to family, friends or charities that can make use of the items.  But the lack of good organization of the storage space we do have just undermines our efforts to clutter free.  My closet spilling out into the office is a perfect example of this. 

Not anymore!  Some discussion, some measuring, the taking of shelf inventory and the making of a shopping list resulted in another trip to Home Depot.  And laid the groundwork for the latest home improvement project of 2014.  The parts and pieces for my closet organization system have all been gathered.  YAY!!!

My part of the project will be clearing out the space. Sweet Man will take over with the removal of the old shelves - some of which are being reused immediately - and the installation of the new shelf configuration.  The space is too small for two of us to work on it together, except for the leveling and anchoring of the head rail. While he works on the shelves, I will be ruthlessly editing the contents of the closet.  The charity truck comes back on March 25th and we want to have a nice donation to give them.

De-cluttering is certainly one of my/our CHALLENGES for this year.  It is an ongoing process that we needs weekly attention. 

Less is More!  Except when I'm talking about shoes...

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  1. Exciting! I will look on with envy myself...