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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fabric Interruption

The Closet Makeover is not quite finished but has turned into an even larger project, the Grand Purge.

The DH & I are completely emptying out the second bedroom/our office/catchall space (where my closet is), moving furniture around or out, reducing the book collection, redoing our paperwork filing system and generally donating anything that isn't nailed down that we are not currently using.  I think I heard the two bookcases are sighing with relief.  I swear stuff has been multiplying behind the closed door in there. It's a lot of work but so worth it!!  There are pictures but they will NOT be posted here - too scary!

Since the lion's share of the sorting and purging falls on me and we've been at this for three days, I needed a little break.  Happily, a got a call on Tuesday that the Downton Abbey fabric I needed had finally arrived.  Can't think of a better way to disconnect and refresh than to head to the LQS!  I had a few other quick errands to run yesterday so I just squeezed in this stop.

I decided I really needed this black to make the colors pop and give the quilt some restful definition.

And I was short on the blue floral medallion, thanks to willy-nilly cutting on my fat quarter.

The missing big book of blocks has been located, hidden in a box (?), just in time for March's Daring Downton Debacle row. Under consideration is the  Castle Garden block.

Sample Castle Garden block - not my fabrics.
Haven't quite decided for sure.  This block is an 8x8 grid block.  The last two blocks I used - Royal Cross and Gentleman's Fancy (6x6 grid block) were easy to make into 9" blocks. If I use the Castle Garden block I will have some weird measurements - like 1 and a eighth inch finished size triangles.  My easy angle ruler will come in handy or I could foundation paper piece - need to make a test block and see how it finishes out next to the other rows.

Just as soon as the Grand Purge Project is done...

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