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Thursday, March 20, 2014

First Road Trip of 2014!

Earlier this year while calendaring with the Girls, a proposed Girls Weekend has discussed for Spring.  The Guys had their Guys Weekend March 8-10th, so we thought this coming weekend would work.  Nothing was carved in stone as things always seem to need to be more flexibility in us Girls' schedules.

Budget shrinkage, new truck tire purchases, visiting dog issues, an upcoming trip to Midwest Horse Fair at beginning of April instead of towards the end like last year, etc., etc. and before you could blink, the Spring Girls Weekend was a vanishing dream.   Except for me!

There are thing to do and people to see.  I am heading out to the Michigan house & Shipshewana.  The Michigan house won't be officially opened up for a few more weeks but I am dragging out some stuff early. 

 Shipshewana is having a Draft and Standardbred horse auction.  I'm hoping to have Pam's new used saddle repaired and pick up some supplies at the bulk food store.  

And an added benefit is that I can take advantage of the wide open floor to sandwich some quilt.  The four quarters of Grey is Not a Color are already packed & ready to hit the road!   I'll be out of touch for a few days but am so hoping some signs of Spring can be found, photographed and shared when I get back.  

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