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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Beginning the Braids

Today the plan was to get the main braids made and then hit the ironing board to fuse some more fabric in jewel tones. Notice I said the Plan was.  That's not what really happened.
I did begin the braids and I like them so far.
The Weatherman is predicting a few days of rain this week and then I am heading out on yet another Road Trip so I decided I needed to get out & enjoy the clear Fall day while I could.
Destination: the Barn.
Goal: groom the Pony.
Adventure: Ride the Pony, schooling leg yields.
Result: Relaxed Reconnection!
And then I came home. To a large black cat, not happy, bothering one of his rear toes. Upon examination, we discovered he managed to rip out one of his claws entirely. OUCH!! To the vet we went. Zappa's going to be fine, he spent the evening stretched out with the DH.
Yes - he really is that large - over 17 pounds of cat
 Never a dull moment around here. Since rain is predicted for tomorrow maybe it will be quieter and some sewing will actually get done.  Fingers and Paws are crossed.


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