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Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day!!!

Sorry the Veterans Day wishes are so late today but I was busy hugging my Vet (DH) and spending the day out with him.  The weather here took a drastic turn toward Winter right about the time we headed out for Veterans Day Lunch.  We pressed on, dodging snow flakes, making shopping stops at Best Buy, Yankee Candle & Woodman's for him and JoAnn's for me, before heading out to Veterans Day Dinner. As we drove past the local Culver's Custard, we were surprised to see their entire lawn planted with flag poles flying 3' x 5' American flags in honor of Veterans Day. Unfortunately we couldn't get a picture of it. Bummer.
The JoAnn's stop was alternately good and bad.  While I didn't buy a bolt of Wonder Under, the 6 yards I did buy were on sale for $1.49/yard with an additional 20% off the total purchase.  I also picked up a pair of Fons and Porter gloves to free motion quilt with. 

In the past, I haven't used any kind of free motion aids but I tried a pair of these at a class recently and they helped.  With a history that includes carpal tunnel and now having thumb base arthritis in both hands, I figured a little help would extend the amount of time I can quilt in any given session. We'll see.
The bad part of the shopping was that they had negative 4.5 yards of Osnaburg in stock, they couldn't tell me when they would be getting more in and I should just keep calling to check. GGRRRR!!

If you love your Freedom, Hug a Vet - as often as you can!  And a HUGE Thank You to all those who serve!

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