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Monday, November 11, 2013

New Direction - Finding My Fusing Voice

I couldn't wait any longer to share these pictures. A new direction in fused quilting has led to

"New Direction"
8.5"x11" in its unquilted state
And here you can see the quilting started and not finished yet.  Once it's done, I'll be able to get it under some better lighting for picture taking.

My recent revived interest in fusing art quilts has been fueled by finding Melody Johnson's blog Fibermania.  I've done some fusing in the past and have encountered all the typical frustrations – which fuse to use and some of them are SO expensive, edges fraying, pieces lifting, having to stitch the edge down, etc.  I always wondered how some quilt artists get amazingly clean edges on their fused pieces.  The work of the Chicago School of Fusing members interested me when I saw them on display at various quilt shows and now, thanks to Melody, I know how to do it right. 
NO re-inventing the wheel for me! 
 I can just start right in and create. I've been checking out fused quilt art, seeing what inspires me, thinking about where I want to go with it.  For now I am taking baby steps, planning on making small pieces, getting comfortable with my new found tools, spring boarding off others work until I can find my own Fusing Voice. It's out there, just need some time to find it.


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