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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Progress - Finally!

The Plan worked  -  things actually got accomplished in the Sewing Area and its about darn time!  I've noticed a distinct lack of output over the past few weeks and that is so not acceptable.
Yesterday, I popped in Season 1 of Eureka into the dvd player which I watched often enough that I don't need to watch it just listen so it becomes background sound not a 'watch me' distraction. Learned the hard way a long time ago that if sewing progress is to be made, never and I mean never, put in a dvd that has never been watched before.  Chain stitching made short work of the accent squares and braid logs. 
Press, stich, rinse and repeat and the main braids are done!
2 of the 4 Main Braid sections
Unless I decide on one more deep dark color to add.  I can't make the separator braids until I make that decision because most likely I will reverse the color runs - dark in the middle to light at the ends. Fortunately, I am headed to Lolly's Fabrics in Shipshewana, IN on Friday & will take one of the braids with me to see if there is anything in the 13,000 bolts that just *needs* to be added to this quilt.
Since this Road Trip is to close down the Michigan House for the Winter, I won't be dragging a sewing machine along. BUT the fusing project fit tidily into one bag so I will be taking that along.  I'll have over a whole day alone and time in between loads of laundry to concentrate on my art.  After yesterday's session at the ironing board, I have 29 more colors fused and ready to be used. 29 - who knew I had that much hand dyed fabric in the stash?!  And there are still more colors that need to be fused. YAY!
The light colors on the right are pale pinks not white
I'm gonna need more Wonder Under...


  1. Don't you LOVE Lolly's? I used to live nearby and became thoroughly spoiled for quilting fabrics. We made a trip back last summer, and my husband indulged me in a stop a Lolly's. He even encouraged me to buy more. Don't forget a meal at the Blue Gate restaurant while you're there.

    1. Kris & Mike (the managers of Lolly's) have become friends of mine over the many years I've been visiting Shipshewana. Their fabric selection is amazing! It's a 3 and a half hour trip one way that I gladly make as often as I can. No time to eat at Blue Gate this time :(. Love their chicken & pie!!