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Sunday, November 10, 2013

I Lied...Well Yes, Yes I Did

I went off on a Road Trip to the Michigan House, with very specific things to accomplish, not taking a quilt project or a sewing machine with to distract me.
The stop in Shipshewana with the French Braid was to see if any other fabric needed to be added and the consensus was no - looks okay as is just need to make the separator bands, decided on the border order and get the top done.  With some careful planning, I may even be able to make 2 different but related quilts from the fabric run/amount I have on hand.  There are two different benefits that need quilts to auction.  So fingers crossed that I get the layout right to have enough fabric left on hand for another quilt.
Never fear, some fabric did indeed come home to the stash and some for another donation quilt but that one has to take a bit of a back seat for awhile.   Check it out - Chirp Chirp by MoMo for Moda:

I also bought some Kona Bleach White prepared for dyeing fabric for a future project, Slipper Gripper fabric to make replacements for my well loved cherry ballet flat slippers and a pumpkin pie - YUM!!
Okay already - you're thinking, what's the lie??
I admit it, I couldn't resist - I did take a machine with me! 
Dot, the Featherweight, refused to be left behind because traveling is what Featherweights were born to do! So YES, I took a machine with me but I didn't work on the French Braid or touch the new fabric.  Unfortunately, I needed a few more colors of thread that I didn't take with, to finish up the latest project.  Coming soon - A New Direction - stay tuned.

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