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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cat Training - HA!

A little stitching got done yesterday in between chores but not enough to show you yet.  It's suppose to be cold (twenties with wind - brrr) all weekend & I'll be hunkered down with a new space heater in the sewing area with the DH is indulging in a Dr. Who marathon.  Every once in awhile, I'll have to come up, poke him and of course, feed him something yummy.

As the finishing house projects continue, we have to take the animals into consideration as we change their surroundings.  The new kitchen table is pub table set, which puts the cats up higher, even though they are NOT supposed to be on it. 

The new height puts them in closer proximity to the kitchen shelves that will once again display my collection of salt glaze pottery and my Grammy's kitchen utensils.  Now, they may not even bother anything but some interest was shown when just the shelves were reinstalled and we are not taking any chances. So, we have put up placeholders to desensitize the cats.
And the re-shelving of the house moves on to the living room. Here the Girl Kitties take advantage of us checking out the proposed box/shelf arrangement to see if these shelves are comfy enough. 
Thankfully, DH is engineering the hanging system for the living room to withstand an earthquake or the unexpected landing force of a 20 pound cat, whichever is greater.  It will be awhile before I put our art glass collection & other breakables in the display boxes!  Need to go find the earthquake putty...

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