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Friday, November 22, 2013

November Catch Up

Back on November 3rd, I attended the Crystal Lake Modern Quilt Guild ( CLMQG Blog ) meeting/program and never blogged about it. Shame on me!  On of their members, Shannon, found me thru Melody Johnson's blog Fibermania and invited me to attend.  I am glad I went!  While I don't consider myself only a modern quilter, I have dabbled.
The meeting was attended by 32 members and 14 guests - the place was packed.  Business was taken care of quickly in order to move on to their guest speaker on the day - Jacquie Gering (Tallgrass Prairie Studio ).  Before she started her presentation, I kept having the weird 'but I know I know her from somewhere' feeling.  I'd been on Jacquie's blog before and I knew she had been recently featured in AQS' American Quilter Magazine - that's her quilt 'Balancing Act' on the cover.
DUH - I can be so slow sometimes!  Put the AQS article with the quilt featured on the front together with listening to Jacquie start her talk & it finally clicked!  I had attended an Author's Roundtable up at the AQS Grand Rapids show back in August that she participated in. This setting was much more intimate and of course, her talk was more in depth.  I was very inspired by her quilts and her approach to quilting.  Fortunately, I was able to snag one of the last copies of her book that she brought along and got it autographed. 
Check it out (and her blog) if you get the opportunity.  And finally, on November 17th, Jacquie announced that she had been elected to be Chairman of the Board of the MQG!!  How cool is that!
And now for some 'back in the sewing dungeon area' action - I took a break from the French Braid quilt because I have some serious quilt math to do to see if I can really squeak out two F. Braid quilts from the fabric I have on hand and I'm avoiding it at the moment.  Oh look, here are some nine patch blocks that need to be worked on, let's do that instead.  
 I also figured out how I am going to border this quilt but those pictures will have to wait until I actually sew the borders on the quilt, maybe later today.  See I can do scrappy, as long as it's all completely planned out.  OK, so it's a control issue thing... I'm working on it!

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