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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Neefling Thanksgiving

I hope all of you are gathered with friends and family, enjoying this special day.

We do things a little different around here on Thanksgiving. 
It all started years ago, when most all our friends still ran around to various family members houses, spending most of their time cleaning, cooking & driving, only to end up being thankful to finally get home or sit down exhausted from the drama at the end of the day.  We didn't do that.  The friends looked on with astonishment as we explained that we simply retreat into our own space, well provisioned with delectable edibles, watched movies, do some hand stitching and are thankful for each other, this wonderfully quiet time and our animals that bring joy to our lives.  Our friend Maddie dubbed our way of doing the day as "The Neefling Thanksgiving". 
No driving across the countryside in whatever weather there was.  No arguing over who gets the turkey leg. No having to make sure to spend equal time at both families house.  No watching endless football games. And we get sole possession of all the leftovers, especially dessert (homemade custard pie)!
Over the years, the menu has varied.  Yes, I have cooked a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings - for two people.  But I've also  done salmon & seafood, pork wellington, and beef roast.
Our favorite way to do the day is carpet picnic! We gather an assortment of appetizers, hot and cold, and graze our way through them all day as the mood strikes us. Then, at some point, I chuck something in the oven - this year its a rolled Pork Roast Florentine, a la Trader Joe's - and whip up some quick sides.  Yes - Pork this year.  Mostly because our friends Pam & Tony are roasting a local farm raised, fresh 30# turkey on Thursday and we'll be having their leftovers on Saturday's Game Day!
Now for the thanksgiving part of Thanksgiving.
This year I am thankful for this blog. It allows me to share random thoughts, candid pictures, and work out those design decisions, while tracking my quilt journey. And I'm thankful to all those who choose to follow along. Hopefully you all enjoy the ride.

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