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Friday, November 1, 2013

Scones, scones & more scones

Time to make the doughnuts scones. 
Nope - Doesn't have quite the same ring to it.
I tried something new this time - frozen blueberries in my scones, half thawed.  I may have put in a few too many but the DH didn't think so.  I wanted to make sure there was enough dough to hold them together and there is - barely.  Due to their fragile nature, the blueberry ones are staying home with the DH.  I don't think many will be left by the time I get home Saturday evening.

I also made apricot and cranberry/orange. Hopefully this is enough for the trip. What you see here is 5 batches total. Supposedly the yield is 12 scones per batch but my cutting only got 9-10 this time.  Must be a defective knife I used.

I'm off to the Michigan House with a side trip to Shipshewana.  It's time to stock up on more fabric a few staples before the snow flies. Hoping more leaves are down so I can rake/mulch and the lawn is getting one more haircut for the year. 


  1. Enjoy your trip. The scones look lovely, defective knife and all ;-)

  2. I found you through Melody's blog and saw that you are from norther Illinois. Old like to invite you to Crystal Lake Modern Quilt Guild. Our next meeting is November 8 and Jacquie Gehrig is our guest speaker. You can find the guild on Facebook.
    Have fun in Indiana! We love to stay at the Essenhouse in Middlebury.

    1. I'll try to make this meeting or next month's - thanks for the invite.