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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Illiniois' Recent Tornado Outbreak

I did not post this yesterday because I wasn't ready to.
This past Sunday, a very bad storm system spawned an outbreak of 80 tornadoes, leaving a path of destruction over 125 miles long from Washington to Frankfort, Illinois, as it traveled northeast. 
It was not near us though we had heavy rain and winds - we are fine. There were severe weather conditions at times in the area.

All of our loved ones are safe.  By the grace of the Universe, our friends Mike and Martha (Thistle Rose Weaving ), are safe. They live 7.25 miles northeast of the town of Washington, IL, most of which was extremely damaged.  I spoke with Martha just as they were seeking shelter, the tornado about ten minutes away, heading right for them.
They are safe and unharmed, though the house was impaled by flying debris and the free standing garage lost part of its roof.  At one point, a neighbor who is a volunteer fireman looked out and saw a tornado right at the back of their house.  Apparently, the tornado veered to the east just as it hit their property line. Several of the neighboring farms are gone. Barns, house, outbuildings, livestock were wiped out. As of yesterday, all persons in their immediate area are thankfully accounted for. 
Since Mike and Martha are running on a generator, she won't be online for awhile, as power can't be restored until all the demolished electric line poles are replaced.  We are just so grateful they are okay.

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  1. Still on generator, clean progresses, we are all doing fine. Love ya!