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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Believe it or not

Summer Stripes is ready to be a quilt sandwich!  Yesterday was a extremely cold day for November (with the wind chill it was a whopping 4 at 2:00 in the afternoon), perfect for stitching most all day. There have been a few thing hanging around that need to done - namely the DWR needs to be completely finished & posted by December 1st, so of course I started working on the Summer Stripes quilt.  I was just clearing the decks, you know, loosening up before hunkering down to machine quilt... okay, I was procrastinating but more on that later. 
I figured out how I wanted to do the borders.  On Friday, I made and sewed down the black 1/8" flange so I was all ready to sew the border hunks and corners on.

I realized I had a lot of striped fabric left on the cutting table & I'm pretty sure I don't want to look at it again in a project in the near future, so I started cutting large squares to piece the quilt back.  Someone had to help me by supervising. 
Back's done!
Not wanting to sandwich it now because I really need to get to machine quilting the DWR, I folded up Summer Stripes top & backing and got down to business...
doing the necessary figuring on the quilt math word problem "Can I make 2 identical French Braid quilts with the fabric I have on hand?" 
This required the calculator, a cuppa and some snacks, which equaled more procrastinating. But finally, I cleared the decks, wound some bobbins, threaded the machine and faced the DWR. 
I NEED to Embrace the Wide Open Space. 
So I started in the confined middle where it's safe.
There's always tomorrow.   But then I'm really, really going to have to focus on quilting this thing - the clock is ticking!
PS. The answer to the quilt math is no. I'm short on two braid run colors, the accent stripe, and the ending triangles. Haven't even considered the border stripe fabric design yet so I'm pretty sure I'll be short there too.


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