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Thursday, November 21, 2013

I'm Getting Serious Attitude

And it's all coming from her.  Zena is so mad, she won't look at me.

NOPE - not going to look at me.

It's all because DH has started a new house project.  After 10 years, we are finally able to replace the main stairway fan.  It's so much easier to do house projects when you have the right tools for the job. In this case, a 26 foot multi-positional, contortionist, telescoping, darn heavy ladder. I didn't get a picture of the old fan intact but here is the motor still hanging, Yes - it antiqued brass and the blades had plastic rattan inserts. *shudder* The light did not have its own pull chain so it was either the fan & light on or the fan & light off.  When the bulb burned out - it was a good thing!
It helps that the DH is tall, has a functioning hip now and is not horribly afraid of heights, like I can be sometimes.  Here is the new fan all installed and it actually matches the dining room light. Normally the dining room light would be hanging lower over a table but we don't have a table & DH kept whacking his head on it going to the dog crates at meal times.
 The attitude, or cat-titude, is because we won't let her climb on the very tall ladder when it is set up, particularly when it is set up on the stairs!  My job in this project was to assemble the fan blades, read the instructions, hand DH things or take them from him and keep Zena off the ladder!  Easier said than done - I couldn't get a picture because I had to get her down - twice - before she fell or I had a heart attack over her antics. This cat is afraid of nothing!  The other two cats wouldn't dream of climbing on the indoor jungle gym.  Zena will get her revenge, I'm sure, 'helping' me get some stitching done.  Or when DH & I start the next house project later this week.

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