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Friday, December 20, 2013

2014 NewFO Challenge - Plan of Quilt Attack for the New Year

Barbara at Cat Patches is once again hosting a NewFO Challenge for 2014. Basically, she is our Enabler in Chief of starting new fabric projects, not necessarily finishing them (though there had better be finishes around here!).  This is something new for me so let's see where it leads. I'll use it for my purpose - reminder of where I want to go to get fabric changed from stash to quilts.
Below is My Plan of Quilt Attacks for 2014.  All those things floating around in my head on my wish to-do list of quilts are now out here for all to see. I can't plan the whole year out yet - things change way to much in my creative life and deadlines that seem so far off in the distance have a nasty way of creeping up and biting me in the rear.  This is my start - the first quarter-ish of the calendar year & the NewFO challenge may be just the thing to keep me on track (insert maniacal laughter here). 

Let's just see how far I get..
The new year is only a 11 days away & I think I want to kick it off with tackling some of the three challenge quilts I signed up & bought fabric for.  I had the info/materials since early June on two of them with the third not long after & not a design sketch in sight.  Shame on me! So first thing is to get out the info, check dimensions, read the rules & start sketching. It would be amazing to get them well on the way to being completed this month.
The three challenges are:
Sauder Village Challenge - Solids, Strips & Chevrons
MN Quilter Challenge - Starburst Fabric & FQs

WI Museum of Quilt and Fiber Arts - Yurt Panel Challenge (Winter)

There is an Oriental Quilt in Rose, Cream and Purple that needs to get started and done.  I am collaborating on the design so I'll have to get something on paper before February 1st.

Time to start the Nine Patch Design for the 2015 National Quilt Museum New Quilt from an Old Favorite contest.  I have a  flipping boatload  fairly good stash of batiks in blues & greens, that I've been collecting for this project.  I want to twist, turn and modernize this favorite classic block.  It needs to be done by November.  All of these need to be sorted by color and value and then photographed that way in order to maintain, well, order.  I pulled them all out as part of the sewing area redo to get them stored in one place.  No, I haven't counted them - it's better not to know.
Blues - in no particular order...yet
Greens - front of ironing board
Greens - back of ironing board
I have some cool Christmas batiks that I've been meaning to do something with...maybe a Festive lap quilt? Going to need a neutral to add to these. I bet there's one lurking in the stash in the garage...No Fabric Shopping Allowed (if you are wondering why, see blue batiks stash above)!

January - May
I will be participating in the LQS (Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop) Peculiar Challenge again this year. It's called the Daring Downton Debacle and it will be a row quilt, using the Downton Abbey fabric collections by Andover. I chose the Lady Edith group of fabric with a darker blue & teal for contrast. Definitely different for me!


May - December - TBD!
After all, life is a moving target. There are a few small things I want to tuck in between the larger projects, like keeping a wall hanging in the small quilt frame to do some hand quilting in the evenings while watching TV with the DH.  And I still have the two French Braid quilts underway to finish. 

Fingers crossed for many Starts & Finishes for 2014!   What are your quilt dreams for the New Year?


  1. You have a yearly plan? You are sew organized. I have a monthly checklist, a long term wish list and in my dreams fantasy. Mostly my sewing life is day-to-day and hand-to-needle ... and when I am behind on my commitments... pedal to the metal.
    The blue and green batiks do make a very impressive stash collection. Looking forward to your nine-patch ... :) Pat