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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Adventure

We went to the Chicago Christkindlmarket!
Staged at the Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago, the market surrounds the Picasso statue and Chicago Christmas tree.

A few years ago, an adventure like this was out of the question with Wil on crutches. One year we took his scooter & that was a nightmare in the crowds.  But the past two years with Wil wielding his cane and I with my backpack to hold all our stuff, we enjoyed visiting the market.  Yesterday, the weather held steady in the upper 20's and we were ready to have some holiday fun.

The first stop is the Honey booth! And good thing too, as they were already sold out of the large jars if the Winter Season Honey - Elderberries in Honey - YUM!!!  Thankfully, they still had the smaller jars so we picked up three. The Twin Bears gummy candies are a favorite and new this year, we are trying the Forest Honey (dark, rich and sometimes spicy).  The honey gathering is one of the primary reasons for visiting the market!  This is where my backpack comes in handy cause the honey gets heavy & I need to keep my hands free for shopping & eating.

The food disappeared before I could get a picture but we lingered over our Gluhwein (warmed spiced red wine), complete with souvenir cups. Refills were enjoyed since neither of us was driving, having traveled by train to the city.

After much debate, our purchase of the year was a new house, or rather Rathaus (a German town or city hall) to tuck under our Christmas tree.  Isn't it sweet?

Our six hour adventure was short, sweet and apparently topped off with someone snoring on the train ride home. No pictures were taken of me doing that!  The animals were glad to see us and everyone faired well with us being gone - YAY!  I spent part of the evening with some hand quilting on the Irish Chain.

Now I need to go find us a bottle or two of Gluhwein...

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