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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ziggy Helps with Chores

The weather has decidedly turned colder as predicted which means we are hunkered in doing some chores.  Of course that means we need help.
Today's special helper is...ZIGGY

No, you do not need to adjust your monitor, she is a large kitty.  Over the past 6-8 months, she has dropped over 3 pounds and is healthy as can be. Ziggy does not go looking for trouble, she likes both the dogs, loves her kitty condo  as it gives her comfort & security and is the sweetest cat in the world. 

She is a full sister and litter mate to Zappa (almost completely black, but you can see his tabby stripes in the right light) and adopted sister to Zena, the Impossible One.
DH started the bedding laundry this morning and here you see Ziggy *helping* with those dirty sheets & pillowcases. She's making all the bedding is accounted for in the clothes basket.
And no, she is not sharing with Zena - lurking behind the basket.
And Zappa better not even think about trying to share her chores & basket, if he knows what's good for him.
OH, but her Daddy can give her some loving and she turns to kitty mush.
My chores for the day included unpacking boxes and arranging pretties on the kitchen shelves.
This is a VERY pared down collection of my salt glaze pottery.  A few more things may be added to the shelves...just as soon as I locate the right box.  My stone mortar & pestle is in that right box, wherever that might be.  It's nice to have some of the things out again.  I started another box of things to be donated to a good cause. Paring down/cleaning out/removing clutter is  good for the soul!

Of course, I had to be supervised the entire time.
I think Hobbes and Ziggy were just happy to be able to share the sunspot and stay out from under my feet.
Drake was there too but he got squeezed out of the sunspot.
On the sewing front... The sewing area is a little out of control again or maybe it never really was up to snuff - just tidy enough to work in. It's really not the right size or shape but you work with what you have so I need to organize it better. I put a little time into making boxes for each project I have to work on.

larger project boxes

cabinet with smaller projects
I spent some time this afternoon watching last night's Quilt Cam with Bonnie Hunter, as I trimmed off all the little side ears (376 of the little suckers!) from the Tri Rec units for her Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt Clue #1.  I decided to corral those pieces too,  as tomorrow Clue # 2 will be released & I want to be ready to roll!  Are you making the CS Mystery?  If not, it's fun to just follow along on the Quiltville Blog as on the Monday after each clue is released, Bonnie puts up a linky so those who are participating can show off their process/progress!

My Celtic Solstice Wrangled
And finally, I did some cutting.

Wonder what this will be? Any guesses?


  1. Love seeing all the kids, poor Drake no warm sunny spot to take a nap. No idea what you are making...but I know it is not my pink ballet slippers...just sayin' ;-)

    1. Nor is it a king size cranberry red cream Irish Chain quilt!