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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Winter Solstice - it' Snowing

Winter has officially arrived and with it comes a winter storm blowing through.  It started with rain yesterday, then freezing rain/ice and now the snow is coming down.  We are expected to get somewhere between 3-6 inches total as it continues to fall throughout today.  Given that there is ice under it all, we are going nowhere today and that suits me just fine! 
Ernestine Grindal
DH is having Christmas ornament shopping withdrawal.  We don't NEED any more ornaments and I have forbidden the purchase of any more!  We each had Christmas ornaments before we were together and in the ten years we have been married, we have amassed many more.  So what you say?  We have exactly one Christmas tree - it's 2 feet tall!!  This is because this batch of feline fur kids would cause havoc on any other trees within reach of their paws.  I love my husband but I really don't see the point of going Christmas ornament window shopping - I'll end up being the heavy & sayng no, no, no, no, no.  Give me patience! Thankfully Winter is being the heavy today - YAY!
I have already made a batch of sugar cookies which should keep the natives happy for a few hours.  I have a new cookie recipe from the Pioneer Woman - chocolate peanut butter cup cookies    I should go fire the oven back up & make them now for breakfast.
Plans for today - continuing the sewing area reorganization (must wrangle bobbins) and making 120 orange and teal four patches for my Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt.  Oh, and maybe some laundry and definitely adding things to the donate boxes we are amassing as we empty out the boxes of stuff packed from the house remodel - YAY! 
 Clearing out clutter before the end of the year makes me happy - we're giving ourselves the gift of less stuff.  And when the stuff goes to a good cause, it can make someone else happy. 
Enjoy the now lengthening day of sunlight - I know I will!

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