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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Well, Heck - Where Did Friday Go??

My Plan (ha) was to get chores done in the morning and have at least part of the afternoon to work on my Celtic Solstice mystery. Not. So. Much.
By evening, I was determined to take control & get some stitching accomplished. The Irish Chain is in the Hoop and the quilting has commenced!
I love this hoop.  It made from cherry (of course), by an Amish craftsman in Indiana.  I don't always use it a lot, which I should but I love it.  Maybe that should be one of my goals for 2014 - try to keep something working in the hoop most all the time.
The rest of the day updates:
Sick Dog - Test results showed it is not what we thought it was. Not good but at least he's back to eating, small quantities of bland food (boiled hamburger & rice) but eating none the less.  Boy, oh boy, does he have an appetite! Well, yes, he is a Beagle and will normally eat anything & everything but this week has been all about not feeding him much of anything & he hasn't really wanted much.  That has all changed since Thursday's vet visit & the wonder shot of meds. We are now trying some new different meds to see if that's going to help. Paws are crossed.
DH Construction - This is part of what I spent my afternoon doing - holding various pieces of wood, discussing design details, debating construction approach, handing him tools, keeping curious animals at bay,  and generally not spending time sewing.  I am waiting until the cat tower is finished to show pictures. Today - he will be carpeting and hopefully not requiring too much help - fingers crossed.
Holiday Activities - The greeting cards are in the USPS pipeline. And that's about it. Way behind schedule to say the least.
Oh well, there is always today & tomorrow. How's everyone else coming on their Holiday To-Do List?


  1. I was just saying how it doesn't even look like Christmas around here. I need to put the tree up this weekend. I'm running out of time. I have a lot of sewing going on, though...wink...

  2. Hmm, I see that MY Irish chain quilt is coming along nicely! ;-)