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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

House of the Sick Dog

Yesterday turned into a very, very long day with no sewing.

One sick dog - who needed a lot of attention, no food, very limited water, multiple trips outside - ended up at the vet in the late afternoon.  A thorough exam, a detailed discussion, a shot to settle the inner workings, some sub q fluids to rehydrate, more meds for later and we were back on the road home.  Hobbes even took his flannel quilt with him into the exam room at the vet. Now that's a Quilter's dog!

Last night was an adventure in not really sleeping, on the couch. I was up 7 times - 6 for the dog & once for a cat who decided to join in the upchucking - REALLY??!!  The DH got up to help with that one - YUCK!!  We are taking this one step at a time. Hopefully, we are heading in the right direction and everyone can rest a little easier today.
The cold continues with temps falling even lower tonight (BRRR!)and we are staying put today (knocking on wood), except for a quick run to the store as more snow is coming his weekend & into next.  I'd rather deal with the cold & make sure we have what we need, rather than battle a shopping cart in a snow packed parking lot with hordes of weekend shoppers.

Here's hoping there's a nap in my day. And maybe, just maybe, I can crank the space heater up to 11, convince the Sick Dog and his sidekick to nap on their blankets in the sewing area and get a bit of stitching done. 
Stay Warm if it's cold where you are.

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  1. Poor Hobbes, hope he is on the mend and feeling much better.