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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Good News from the Homefront!

I have a new iron - again!  This time I chose the Black & Decker Classic Iron
Weighs a ton (a little over 3 pounds) with an aluminum soleplate and adjustable steam/heat settings.  This will flatten the pinwheel seams for sure! While getting a new iron may not seem like Earth-shattering news, it is around here when there stitching to be done!  But the last of my Celtic Solstice pinwheels will have to wait until Wednesday because...
Sick Dog is doing Better!!  He has been trying to eat everything in sight, begging for special treats (small table tidbits - which he is NOT getting), taking his meds and drinking normally out of the water dish.  I have to say, Hobbes even tells us when it's time for meds because there is bread involved & he is not about to miss out on bread three times a day!

 More importantly, he, ummm, well, he pooped yesterday afternoon! Okay, okay, not everyone will appreciate the significance of that event but Sick Dog hasn't done that since last Wednesday, and it wasn't very pretty then. 
 I confirmed with the wonderful vet, Dr. Chris, that this is indeed a fabulous sign and we can continue to resume a more normal (HA) life.  I think Dr. Chris was amazed at Hobbes' rebound, as this could just has easily gone the other direction.  Of course, we have to continue to carefully monitor his diet, administer meds , watch for changes in behavior & retest his blood in ten days.  But we are making positive improvement and DH is under strict orders regarding the distribution of special treats, (even though they are not the cause of this illness, I'm just a mean Mommy-Lady).

Hobbes was feeling so good, I gave him & Drake a pedicure. And that involves approved plain Milkbones for good behavior.  He was thrilled as they were his first Milkbones in a week - much dog happiness in the house!
So after much discussion between myself & the DH, we feel comfortable to leave him home alone for a few hours while we have a little Holiday Adventure.  Somebody else was listening very carefully to our plans and has weighed in on them. She is not thrilled about being left home.
Tomorrow will be stitching, blogging on the progress, and test driving the new iron.  And sharing our Holiday Adventure.
Until then, stitch on!


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