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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Things Are Looking Up and a Brief Look Back

Looking Up:
Drake slept like a rock Thursday evening & all night and the same last night.  I am back to sleeping on the couch for the next several days so he can do the same & be comfy.  Good rest is important for good healing.
I snapped this picture of Hobbes comforting Drake shortly after we got home on Thursday.  This is a rare occurrence and Oh, so sweet!!

The weirdest thing was Zena's reaction to Drake after surgery. She was having absolutely nothing to do with him - he smelled all wrong.  The other two cats just sniffed and sniffed him & that was that.  She kept trying to come near him but was very upset and even a little scared of him.  She eventually got over it.
Mom is doing okay - still in hospital and waiting. 
The Element is back home & running like a dream. It should - it has a new water pump, a new serpentine belt, a new battery (didn't realize that the old one was almost 6 years old but it was) and an oil change (only 1000 mile overdue this time).  My mechanics are incredible so I thanked them with homemade cookies.
The Christmas Roast Duck dinner was made last night and I got rave reviews from the DH.  We had roast duck with orange sauce on the side, garlic parmesan potatoes, steamed haricot verts, and roasted garlic cheddar biscuits. Definitely worth the wait.
Yes - I butterflied the duck
Celtic Solstice Sewing - I got some sewing done yesterday!  I finished all 60 of the Four Patches I needed to do. And I made 5 of the 100 Split Triangle blocks.  I like the color combo in this block.

All in all, Friday was very positive, mostly quiet and for that I am extremely grateful!!
Looking Back:
Christmas Day was a blur this year.  But I got fabulous gifts and want to share them with you!
Santa brought me a clock!!   I didn't have one in my sewing area, which is just crazy making.  I was relying on the digital window on the cordless phone handset. Not ideal.
DH hung it for me yesterday so I didn't have to drag out the ladder, right over the cutting table, where I can clearly see it from anywhere in the room.  Not super fancy but nice size & style numbers, battery operated and it has temp & humidity too.
The animals decided they needed to help me wrangle my fabric out of the garage & into the house and keep it safe from their paws.  They pooled their treat money and got me a brand new storage unit!   It's taller than the one I found at the thrift shop so it doesn't fit under the cutting table. But that's okay, as it fits right against the wall to my left as I sit at the machine. 
Here are my Celtic Solstice blocks tucked in the top drawer, all safe and sound!! Love it!  No worries, the other drawers will be filled in a blink of the eye.
So, what did Santa bring you this Christmas?

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