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Friday, December 13, 2013

Celtic Solstice Clue #3 is Up and Irish Chain Top

It's Friday, It's Friday, It's Friday and  Clue # 3  of Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt has been posted.
For this installment, we are making Half-Square Triangle units!

Some of them will be used to make pinwheel blocks.  For the small size quilt I am making (75" x75") I need a total of 200 HSTs.  From that, 100 will be left as single units and the rest will be made into 25 pinwheel blocks.

And get this - I get to use my pink & oranges together!! 

I'm excited about this because a long, long time ago in my way former life as a floral designer, my Dad once told me pink and orange don't go together.  He loved to put purples & blues together so his comment rankled me to no end.  Pink and Orange is one of my favorite color combos and I even made a Trip Around the World wall hanging and named it "Pink and Orange Don't Go Together".  It was one of my first quilts (ages ago) and it hangs over the bed in the downstairs bedroom. 

And though the colors are muted, I used the same color combo in 'Emergence'

Emergence - just laid out, sections not sewn, & before borders
Emergence being properly held down
I should be able to convince Sick Dog to nap downstairs with me while I work on the HSTs.  Since we are still dealing with his illness, either the DH or I are with him at all times.  Later this morning we will have his test results. Paws are crossed.
Let's have some current quilt content already!!

Here's the Irish Chain top quarters.
And here it is with the quarters sewn together, marked, layered and ready to be quilted - by hand. I thought about starting the stitching on it last night and thinking was as far as I got.
The DH has been busy this week. He has repainted two walls in the living room and is now building the cats a Christmas present.  The helpers thought this required their attention and was much more interesting than watching the Mommy Lady watch Sick Dog sleep.  Here's Ziggy, head of quality control, is checking out the work in progress. It will be multi-levels, carpeted and a few posts wrapped in rope for scratching.
DH did some extra shopping for goodies yesterday for the weekend. Snow is coming but the temps are rising.  There just might be some Christmas cookie baking happening, too!

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