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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Progress Toward Christmas!

Finally!  We are seeing some signs of the approaching Holidays and eating them too!

In our house Sugar Cookies are all about the sugar bits on top - sanding sugar and sprinkles!  I cheated & used store bought roll dough, because you can barely taste the cookies for all the toppings.
Lest you think I'm a slacker in the kitchen, I busted out the stand mixer and my grandmother's Cowboy Cookies recipe (oatmeal chocolate chip) and whipped out a batch - changing them to oatmeal peanut butter chip cookies.  I am very sure Gram never put sprinkles on top of her version of these cookies but I think they are a bit more festive this way.  The DH is thrilled with the way I make them - especially the sprinkles, of course.

Other Updates:
Sick Dog - is taking his meds and enjoying a bland diet of boiled hamburger and rice.  He wishes it would be served to him on the couch, where he is enjoying a double layer of comforters, his flannel quilt and assorted throw pillows.  No - he is not spoiled...much.

Cat Tower - is coming along. As my intermittent assistance was needed, I hung out in the living room, watching Sick Dog sleep and doing some hand quilting on the Irish Chain.  The tower should be finished by Monday at the latest.

Celtic Solstice Mystery - work on my HST units commenced late in the afternoon.  Planning on spending some quality time today with my machine. :)

Hope you all are making progress toward your Holiday celebration.

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