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Monday, December 16, 2013

Celtic Solstice Progress - Pinwheels and HSTs

Today is  Link Up Monday for progress on Clue # 3 on Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt.  Check out everyone's work so far.  Even though we are all doing the same units, the color choices and fabrics used make each quilt different. 
Oh what fun! Pink and Orange fabrics ready for this step - these are not shy colors!
Love these colors together
The Easy Angle ruler made short work of the strip sets.  Bias edges never had a chance to wiggle.
I precut all my strips (with a few extras for good measure), matched up a pink & orange strip, made the sub cut the HST pairs and left them in place on my cutting mat.  After one or two strip sets were cut, I sat down and chain pieced them immediately. My sewing set up is shown below. Working this way eliminated any extra handling of the units - take that bias edges!
After I had my 200 HST units sewn, I chose 100 of them to stand alone and got busy making pinwheels from the rest. I thought I be able to get them all finished yesterday but my iron took exception to being used.  I just got this iron a few months ago & it was working perfectly.  It heated quickly & had awesome steam and then it just quit, so I'm not sure what happened.  I wonder if a new iron will end up in my Christmas stocking this year or maybe just the box from one as I need  a working iron!
Here's my count: 100 HST units, 9 finished pinwheels and 64 HST unit pairs just hanging out waiting...
Not bad progress considering our recent adventures around here.  Hope your Celtic Solstice is coming along and you are enjoying the mystery of it all.  I'm not even trying out any possible layouts from the units this week.
Sick Dog continues to improve (paws crossed as I type this).  He is acting so much more like his always hungry Beagle self.
Cat Tower - has one leg wrapped for scratching. The flat levels have been carpeted. Just have to finish out the other 5 legs. No sure how that will be done - not my project but it's looking good.
Holiday - The tree is up & lit. The inside garland has been hung. Today, the large blue tote of festive decoration needs to be dragged out from hiding and unpacked to get to the ornaments.  One extra benefit of the decorating process is the cleaning & de-cluttering that comes along with it. The living room is looking quite spiffy. Where do all those papers & magazines come from?  Never fear, all the quilt related ones are safely stored to be edited down at a later date to file what I need/want.  Any extras will go to the library for the free magazine exchange rack.
 Since they are calling for a dusting of snow today, I'm hoping not to go out anywhere and finish my pinwheels so I can secure them from marauding paws. 


  1. I really love the colors you have chosen!

  2. Great colors, I'll be looking forward to your finished quilt! Hope you get a great iron...

  3. Glad to see pink and oranges together. . .I am using pinks and yellows/golds for step three and greens and gold/yellows for the four patch.