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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Studio Tour Sunday

I have some time today to work on a new piece or start the quilting on the first French Braid quilt but before I dive into that - let's take a studio tour.
My recent de-cluttering has freed up some display space on the narrow wall ledge that runs the length of the room behind my sewing chair.  The ledge really comes in handy for storing things.  Since I no longer have much display space in the dining room or kitchen, I had a brilliant idea to move the remaining salt glaze pieces downstairs & put them to use.   

The crock next to my Ott light holds my SideWinder bobbin winder and cord.

 Scissors have found a happy, handy home right behind my chair.
The little dresser valet (castoff from DH) wrangles my smaller scissors and rotary cutter
 The German beer stein contains all my pens, pencils & such.

 The large canister next to the blue mason jar will provide lots of storage for something - just not sure what yet.
The new layout of the cutting table and storage bins seem to be working well.  I am being conscious of putting things away, clearing off the flat surfaces when I am done working and covering my machine.  Even my straight pins have a new hiding place to keep them away from paws that were batting the magnetic holder to the floor & scattering them everywhere.

Not all the cleaning is on the room scale.  In the middle of working on my Split Triangle units, I had some weirdness start with the machine. One wonky seam and I had her opened up quicker than you could say 'Empty Bobbin'.
Lint Ick!
The batiks have been linting a bit so some Q-tips were employed to un-fuzz the guts.  No more issues after that. 

Time to go find something to sew.  Have you cleaned your machine lately?


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