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Monday, December 2, 2013

Starting my Bonnie Hunter 'Celtic Solstice' mystery quilt

Bonnie Hunter has released her mystery quilt for Black Friday 2013 - Celtic Solstice Mystery
This is my first year to do one of her mystery quilts & I am so ready to rock this project.  Since I was on a Road Trip on Friday and at friend's house on Saturday, my quilt fun didn't start until yesterday.
I started with my fabric choices (yes - they are different than Bonnie's, as they had to come out of my stash- No Shopping Allowed) lined up,
narrowed it down to 7 oranges,
1 cream (neutral)
and 11 blues.
The cutting, sewing, pressing and trimming commenced!
With a few interruptions, like lunch & dinner, checking email, dog breaks, cat help, etc. I FINISHED all 92 orange & 96 cream tri-rec units! To see everyone's Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt progress posted on Bonnie Hunter's Blog Quiltville Quips and Snips - click here for Link Up # 1
My top dog ears are trimmed - still need to get the side flappy bits trimmed off but it was late and the dogs wanted to go to bed.  I'm glad I got all of these completed because there are a few things that need to be done in the sewing area this week - more about those later.

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