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Friday, December 27, 2013

Quiet Day Please and Celtic Solstice Clue # 5 Released

My fingers are crossed for a Quiet Friday - Oh Please, Oh Please, Oh Please!!!
Clue # 5 for Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt has released this morning and we are making split triangle or 'Bird in the Air' blocks! 

Remember the 100 leftover HSTs (mine are pink and orange)? They are getting incorporated into the blocks, paired with cream and blue.  YAY - more blue!!  I still have 60 Four Patches to make so I'm going to need to wind some serious bobbins.

Not sure if I'll get my quiet Friday or not yet - waiting to hear from my brother on Mom's status.  They may be doing a procedure today or not.  If I need to go to hospital, I'll be taking my Irish Chain to do some hand quilting on.  Since I don't have my car back, I'll have the DH's car and DH will be on Drake Watch - meds, monitor activity level, no licking, etc.  - as he is now elevated to Sick Dog.  Interestingly, Hobbes is NOT liking all the attention Drake is getting since yesterday afternoon. He's the special one. Just what I need - sibling rivalry.  It's not like we are ignoring him, for Pete's sake.

I'm off to start laundry, have another cup of tea, go hold a paw, wait for the phone to ring - and hope it's going to be a Quiet Friday.

Anyone else hoping for one too?

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  1. Cherry, I just got caught up on your news. Very sorry to hear that your Mother is under the weather, I hope things are on the mend and surgery can be avoided.

    Oh dear, poor Drake - hope he is feeling much better.

    Hugs for you, here is hoping that your day is uneventful.

    love ya, Scarlet