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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shoes or No Shoes ? That is the Question!

I can't do it - I just can't! Sew with my shoes on that is. 
There is just no 'feel' of the pedal with shoes on.  I either sew barefoot (Summer) or with socks (on warm Spring & Fall days) but now that cold Fall/ early Winter is upon us, I have a slight footwear dilemma.  We have a split level townhouse, with my sewing area downstairs. On a cement slab - BBRRR!! Even with an area rug under my table and a space heater, my toes get cold & a little numb which means I can't feel the pedal the way I like. That makes for a cranky quilter.
Several years ago, my friend Martha (Thistle Rose Weaving) made me these cute little ballet slippers.
I was never overly fond of ballet slippers or flats UNTIL I got this pair! They are perfect for everyday wear - soft, flexible, grippy soles (which came in handy last week for standing on the entertainment center hanging display boxes), not too hot on the tootsies and all in a fun mini Cherry 100% cotton print .  But best of all, I CAN SEW IN THEM!!!
So what's the problem?? Take a close look and you can see they are starting to show the love I have given them. :(
 Yesterday was all Celtic Solstice Mystery, all day.  Today was laundry & grocery shopping. Neither of which went particularly well.  I actually ran the washer through a complete wash cycle with detergent & color safe bleach & NO clothes.  I managed to forget a few items from the store because I forgot to put them on the stupid but oh-so-necessary list and I couldn't remember them.  After that, there was no way I was going to actually bake the cookies for the DH.  Don't want to imagine what might have ended up in that batch given my distracted day. Instead, a little light sewing - not piecing or quilting was just the ticket.
Martha came to the rescue by sharing the original pattern with me a few weeks ago, but I've been a little quilt focused of late, so this was the perfect project for today!
Yes - the fabrics are all Cherry prints (I have LOTS of Cherry print fabric but that's a tale for another time)! The blue is a lightweight denim and the others are quilt weight cottons. I'm putting a layer of cotton quilt batting between the foot lining and the "Slipper Grippers(tm)" sole fabric, though the pattern calls for 3 layers of fabric as padding.  Oh look - another use for the trimmed off batting scraps!  
grippy sole fabric
I am excited to show off the first finished pair, knowing that I soon will have my choice of Cherry Slippers added to my footwear wardrobe. The second ones will get stitched up tomorrow and then maybe a third pair.  I'm thinking it would be good to leave a pair at the Michigan House and have a pair permanently in my backpack for when I'm out visiting family & friends, and maybe a bootie style pair - so many choices!
Do you sew with your shoes on or off?  Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Love your newest Cherry slippers, very cute! I would like mine to be pink with a little pink rose bow on the front ;-)

  2. Whoops, forgot to answer your question...I sew and weave with my shoes off, drives me crazy to wear slippers or shoes when working.

  3. Oh, those slippers are so cute. I'm a no shoe gal. :)