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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Build It Wednesday

Build it and they will come.
 DH finished the new cat tower and it is fabulous! It has 3 legs wrapped in rope for scratching and 3 legs wrapped in carpeting - a lovely taupe grey - for a fraction of the cost of commercially bought cat furniture. Not to mention, we never would have found one it the size and configuration we needed.  The top of the tower is just below the window sill and is one more place they can rest & watch window TV.  Since the cats decided the top of the condo was a great lounging area and after the top was reinforced to hold weight, the tower became necessary so no one had to jump down 5 feet if they missed the narrow sill.
Cat Tower provides access to the top of the Kitty Condo for lounging
Zappa inspects the new Cat Tower
I should explain that our house is designed for the comfort and security of our animals.  The Kitty Condo is a 4' wide square x 5' high dog kennel outfitted with 3 lounging shelves, 3 feeding stations, a litter box and a double layer of squishy dog beds.  If gives them a safe place to rest or be contained if need be. Like at night when we want to sleep and don't want to risk anyone chewing through speaker wire or charging cords.  Zena did both in a matter of seconds each time, before we could stop her.  Granted she was young at the time but we aren't willing to take any chances. The cats even know when it is time to go to sleep and will lead the way to the condo to get their bedtime treats. 
The condo is in the dining room which is open to the living room, right next to the dogs' crates.  We no longer have a dining table as it just doesn't work for us.  However, if the dining room was a much larger space, then it might contain a long arm machine...just saying.
On the sewing front...
I finished all 25 pinwheel blocks needed for Clue # 3 of the Bonnie Hunter Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt.  The new iron works well.  It doesn't handle quite the same as the previous lighter weight models but the pinwheel seams are flat.  And now all the HSTs and pinwheels are safely stowed away from marauding paws.  Clue # 4 releases on Friday and I'm getting curious as to the next blocks & colors we are going to be using. I think this clue will start to bring things more into focus. Of course, that might just be wishful thinking on my part.
I spent the evening watching QuiltCam with Bonnie while continuing the hand quilting on the Irish Chain.  It's coming right along!  I forget how much hand quilting can be done in the evenings.

I am bummed because I can't seem to locate my Ultra-Thimble and Under-Thimble. These are my favorite thimble system as I can't use a traditional thimble - I've tried, repeatedly.

They are somewhere safe in a small handcrafted wooden box.  I know they will turn up, but I really can't continue barehanded quilting.   I used the Colonial Thimble It last night & it worked okay but not as secure feeling and comfy.  I like the metal of the discs better than just plastic bits. Maybe searching for them will be part of my day today.

I'm hoping to finish the Irish Chain by the end of the year so I can have one more finish in 2013. Hopefully, the thimbles turn up before then or maybe, just maybe, I'll find replacements in my stocking. What?  I was mostly good this year...

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