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Friday, December 20, 2013

Waiting and Wondering and Finally, Celtic Solstice Clue # 4

I couldn't take it - I was starting to crawl the walls waiting for Clue # 4 of Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt to be released & I had a whole day in front of me. I didn't want to do any hand quilting, I'm saving that for evenings with DH watching TV. I'm not ready to layer the first French Braid Quilt yet. And I don't want to start a new piecing project even though I have two off the top of my head that I could roll with.  What's a Quilter to do??  Besides the pile of laundry, that is.
Tear apart the sewing room - that's what!  My sewing space is an ever evolving environment.  Having my stash in the garage is not really working. I have to go wrestle totes and dig to China to find the fabric I want, disrupted everything in my wake. I also needed to get a handle on the collections for the upcoming 2014 challenges.  I had a few things taking up valuable real estate & not giving me any storage benefit so things had to get moved around & weeded out!
Labeled recycled shoe boxes for 2014 challenges
I'm not showing all of the disaster I created and it's not all back together but progress has been made!
Yes - those are swords on the wall
DH & I had talked about the need for some new (preferably used) under table drawer storage.  Since I found my Ultra Thimble & Under Thimble early yesterday morning (YAY!!), I discovered I only had 1 spare adhesive disc. Not good! I called all three LQSs & luckily one of them carried the product line so I headed out to pick some up.  Had I not, along about Saturday night I would have needed them & would have been out of luck.  So I headed out - right past the local thrift store.  I was right there so I popped in and found this 2-drawer unit for $5.  SOLD!!
WooHoo!!!  A little warm soapy water, some elbow grease and all my Cherrywood hand dyed fabric fits nicely in the top drawer.  The bottom drawer is still empty but not for long!  The aluminum roasting pan houses my fused fabrics - all neatly tucked under the cutting table.  I'll be checking every thrift store in the area looking for more plastic drawer units.
Oh and I got that laundry all done too!
UPDATE on Celtic Solstice Mystery:
Clue # 4  was just released and we are making  4 Patches!! Bonnie said she would give us an easy piecing installment since many people are frantic right before the Holidays.  She did mention on this past Wednesday's QuiltCam that we are close - but not quite there yet - to start assembling all the blocks into a quilt.  I need 120 teal & orange 4 patches for the small size quilt.  Can't make these until Sunday this week and that will be a perfect day for some quiet sewing.  Well, paws crossed for that, anyway.


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