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Monday, December 23, 2013

Celtic Solstice Progress - Four Patches!

Monday, Monday - Time to link up and see everyone's progress on Bonnie Hunter's  Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt!!

Total Piece Count So Far For Small Size Quilt = 2044
Clue # 4 was released on Friday but I knew it would be Sunday before I could work on my quilt blocks. In order to actually sit and sew the four patches, I had to continue the sewing area clean out. While that project is not completely done, I did enough to justify some sewing time.  I'm saving the before, during and after pictures of the clean out for another post. But here you can see my sewing table all set for today.
Yes - those are more swords on the walls
Oh - the machine cover? Yes - it's new. I made it today.  I was gifted two beautiful hand woven cobalt blue place mats that are too precious to be used as place mats (Someone around here spills).  I carefully hand basted the two together to make a machine dust cover so if I ever feel that someone is careful enough I can make them mats again.  I LOVE the drape and feel of these mats.  It's like they are giving my sewing machine a hug.
  Once again, I set up the sewing table so that I was able to sub cut the nested matched pairs of patches just to the left of my machine.  
After cutting 10 units, I sat down & grabbed each pair as I was ready to chain stitch them. Minimal handling was the goal! After a chain of 10, I put in a scrap piece and cut the blocks apart for finger pressing - spinning my centers - and stacked the group to keep count. 
Today's quilting quality control inspector was... Ziggy!  She was making sure I had those units nesting together properly before stitching.
Ziggy checking seams
 And here's my tally as of 8:00 p.m. Sunday - 60 four patch blocks done & 60 to go.  I have strip sets ready to go so I should be able to knock the rest of these out fairly quickly.
Four Patch Progress
This mystery is awful mysterious - in a good way!!  I am resisting the urge to play with laying out the finished blocks, speculating on placement.  I am hoping we are using blue in the next clue - I think we need it for balance but then again I am partial to blue  - especially blue batiks! That and I am running low on a few of my oranges and don't want to run out.
Only 2 more 'sleeps' until Christmas - are you ready??


  1. I am so ready for Christmas! Love your kitty helping you out with your quilt. I had to buy more orange; should have enough now. Quilt on!

  2. You made a lot of progress for a Sunday. Your 4 patches are nice and bright!

  3. Lots of progress!

  4. I so wish that my sewing room was that tidy! Thanks for sharing your progress & Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

  5. You look so organised! I'm sure there must be blue in the next clue.

    Happy Christmas!

  6. Wonderful four patches, and love your helper. I have one of those helpers too.

  7. Thanks for counting the pieces!!!!