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Monday, December 9, 2013

Celtice Solstice Progress - 100 Chevron Blocks - Done!!

The link-up for Clue # 2 Progress is live on Bonnie Hunter's blog Quiltville's Quips & Snips. Check out how everyone is doing!
Rule #1 for the Celtic Solstice Mystery is NO WHINING!!
I ALMOST broke that rule - you see my pieces keep changing numbers.  I measured, I cut, I calculated, I double checked my math, I stacked in groups, I kept a tally count and yet the magic number of pieces wouldn't hold still as a target. 
What I didn't do is count on my special helpers! 
She is NOT as innocent as she looks!
Who me? I didn't do nuffin'!
Never, ever, never before have quilt pieces been this irresistible to the animals. 
Apparently, part of the challenge for me on the mystery quilt journey is to really think about sewing area security.My sewing area is just that, an area in the downstairs family room. It has no door. So far, I have found squares, rectangle and itty bitty triangles in the dog blanket, upstairs in the living room, on the staircase and well, um... outside, as in outside, um - composted, shall we say?! Since I didn't start cutting until Friday noon, these pieces have been very mobile, coveted by canines and felines alike.
I kept plugging away - counting, recounting, re-cutting the missing pieces, pressing and pressing and pressing. Totally enjoying the process - something about the groove of repetitiveness.  
Here is my 99th block - AACCKKK!!!! Must have gotten too excited to be so near the end  - I had to do some of the dreaded un-sewing. Look at that top point - Double AACCKKK!!!
Are you kidding me??!!
Over the course of 2 days, 600 pieces morphed into 100 Chevron blocks!   My 'greens' are shades of teal and my 'yellows' are pinks.
Love the way the colors are playing with each other.
couple of different layouts
 To deter any more thievery, all of the blocks will be placed under lock & key. Okay, okay, sealed in a Rubbermaid container, stored on a shelf, and placed under protective custody.  Need to make sure the new storage arrangement in the sewing area has CLOSED cabinets.  Can't imagine what's gotten in to the pets. I'll blame it on the snow for now.
Does anyone else have problems with prying paws?


  1. the layout guess is interesting! this is my first BH quilt; can't wait to see how it turns out. I saw a graphed chart on another blog; we're almost halfway done with the blocks! whoo hoo!

  2. Love your colors it will be fun to watch this quilt go together...I did some yucks too with this step.

  3. I love that you chose a few different colors and look forward to seeing how different your Celtic Solstice quilt will turn out. I was not brave enough to choose different colors.

  4. Your colours are beautiful! I did laugh at your animals confiscating pieces after you have counted them.

  5. #1 Rule at my house is NO PETS! Glad you found them all in spite of your helpers.

  6. Looking beautiful! I need to up sewing room security too, my numbers didn't quite come out and I had to cut a few more at the end!

  7. I had a cat who liked to supervise my sewing or get between me and that machine but I don't think she ever made off with pieces. That's a funny story. Hope you are enjoying it otherwise.