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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Back to Back

I needed a back for Caribbean Solstice - from my stash.  That's the rule I made around here so I have to abide by it. I had purchased this wide back (I LOVE wide backing, don't you?) on clearance and had used it on the back on Connections so a fairly good size chunk was taken out of it.  

I knew I'd be piecing it and I wanted to use up my extra Tri Rec and 4-Patch units in the label. Given they are 3" finished blocks and I had 3 1/2" cut strips, it was going to be a BIG label. That's okay because I want to give proper credit to Bonnie Hunter as the mystery quilt designer and I wanted to say something special - all on the quilt label.  No clue what I want to say, just know it will be something in honor of my first Bonnie mystery.

Anyway, some quilt measuring & math, a bit of pressing, some fabric ripping, stitch, stitch, stitch and I have a BACK!!!

Oh, and I had help with this, you know.
Zena: It's mine!

And more help...
Zena: I'm not looking at you, so I can't hear you and it's still mine!
I gave up until I was able to snap this picture this morning before Impossible Cat is awake.  

Have a Happy Stitching Saturday!

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