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Friday, January 3, 2014

Our Anniversary

I interrupt our regular life and fabric related content to bring you a celebration of a milestone.
More specifically - it's our 10th Wedding Anniversary!!!
Ten years ago today on an unseasonable warm day, 7 dear friends gathered in our home as we married, right before Wil was deployed with his Army unit for a year.  I joke that we spent our honeymoon at the National Guard Armory building in a rural town in Illinois - but we did, as there was Army paperwork that HAD to be done. 
Our wedding came about after less than a total of 20 hours of planning. Other options of getting married after he was deployed just weren't practical or easy. So, what was to be Wil's going away pizza party turned into our wedding. We have an amazing group of friends that switched gears to help us celebrate our union. 
Because we had met at, had our first date there and were actively involved at the Bristol Renaissance Faire, we decided to have a second wedding there on what was our 6th anniversary of our very first date - two and a half years after the first wedding. 
I love this picture of us renewing our vows. What you can't see is that we are surrounded by many friends. Not everyone we love could be there, but they were held close in our hearts that day.  The gentleman you see marrying us, is the dear friend who married us the first time.
Today, we had plans to have a day out and about sharing an experience rather than giving gifts. Mother Nature has other plans. It is NOT a day to be out and about if you can help it. It's -8 degrees right now, -24 with the wind chill and winds are expected to gust as high as 45 mph causing blowing & drifting snow with some blizzard-like whiteout conditions. 
It doesn't really matter what we do, as long as we are together today.  And maybe, just maybe, I can sneak in a little stitching today!

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  1. Happy Anniversary Cherry and Rat!

    love you guys,

    Scarlet and Hamish (Hamish is stunned that it has been 4 years since he gave you away) - ;-)