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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The New Year - Changes Are Underway!

2014 - The New Year has begun (okay, a week ago - these things take time) and new attitudes and actions are emerging around here. 
Recycling, Reducing, Repurposing, Rearranging, Releasing, Refocusing, Reinventing - these are some of the New Year activities the new attitude has inspired.
 Oh and speaking of being inspired, here's my new Inspiration sign - hung up & everything!
My sign before Repainting...

My sign after! Brighter, lighter and inspiring!
 I showed the relocation of my Salt Glaze collection to the Studio in a previous post and have been finding ways to use it rather than just look at it. So far, my bobbin winder, my scissors, and writing tools have found new homes. Now my regular rulers and t rulers have a styling new holding place.

I've already rearranged the top of the bar.

These blue boxes were empty and have been relocated down here as the DH has been doing some cleaning and purging upstairs in his bedroom. During the Great Fabric Migration, I found some 3 1/2" batik squares tucked in a bin and I have some 3 1/2" leftover strips from Celtic Solstice mystery (now cut down to squares) and they will be in the small blue box.

The big blue box will gather some 2" strips.  It's official - I now have a scrap stash!!!

We've been thinning the herd of books before we are overrun and the bookcases collapse under the weight of them. This is only part of my quilt book collection (it's not huge) here on top of the bar but they are all going to end up down here - where I can use them.

 A few of them must still be packed because I can't find my big Jinny Beyer block book and I need it for the newest challenge I am working on.

 Thankfully, I have her 'small' book of blocks to fall back on.

This new challenge is based on the Andover Downton Abbey fabric group, hosted by Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop (LQS). The shop holds a customer appreciation auction in March with one way to earn auction bucks is to donate quilt items for the auction - fabric, tools, patterns, books.  I've already started a box to gather donation items as I renovate my sewing life. Some lucky quilters are going to get some cool stuff and I'll get theirs!

Stay tuned for an update on the Great Fabric Migration.  Any changes in your creative life for 2014?

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