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Thursday, January 16, 2014

My WORD(s) for 2014

Several quilt blogs out there are asking "What's your word for 2014?"  So I started thinking about this. Do I have a word? Do I need a word? Do I want a word? 

And the answer is YES, but being the chronic over-compensator/achiever I have 2 Words for 2014...

Reminder Rocks! ( I already owned these)
So for my first word for 2014 – CHALLENGES.  Seek them out, dust them off, take them on, don’t be scared of them, break them down into manageable parts, meet them, overcome them, learn from them, and grow!  

I'm sure you might be thinking I've lost my mind - Doesn't life hand you enough challenges that you like to look for a more peaceful word, something more zen maybe?  

Yes, life does bring enough challenges to deal with sometimes, and more than enough most times.  But along with CHALLENGES, comes my second word, COURAGE. For the new year it is the reminder of how I need to deal with whatever comes my way. There is nothing that can't be overcome.  I need to have the COURAGE to think differently, ask for help with others, ride the wave and let some things work themselves out.  But I can't run & hide and hope or worry them away.  It's the being aware of CHALLENGES and of how COURAGE will help me handle them. Those are the two constant reminders for the new year and I want to remember to celebrate all of my accomplishments, both large and small.

And there are a few actual 2014 Quilt Challenges I need to work on. I started the process, I need to buckle down and get a timeline & design generated, focus my creative energy on them and give it my best shot!  That's what CHALLENGES and COURAGE are all about - doing your best whatever the circumstances surrounding you may be. 

Do you have a Word(s) for 2014?

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