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Monday, January 6, 2014

Celtic Solstice Progress - Center Section Done!!

Bonnie Hunter's big reveal of the finished Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt went live at Midnight (Eastern Time) on New Year's Eve, with today being Link Up Monday  to see how everyone has progressed since then.  It is a beautifully designed quilt - THANKS, Bonnie!!
I was truly thinking about having this quilt completely done but the time the Link Up went live today.  But things didn't work out that way so I told myself - this is NOT a race, enjoy the process!!  I can be a tad bit too competitive sometimes.
I was so excited to see how my colors and units played together  that I spent New Year's Day sewing units into blocks. 
Here are some of my blocks under construction - see the problem?
Apparently I didn't catch every layout mistake, so two blocks had to be un-sewn.  I dislike un-sewing more than anything else in the world! Don't you?
After fixing these two blocks, I called it a day. 
On Friday, 28 of those blocks became a little over half a center section (4 rows down and 7 rows across).
So far, sew good
Saturday started okay. I wound extra bobbins and continued to web sections together. I was so thrilled when I snipped the last thread on the entire center section and fairly skipped over to hang it on the design wall. Feeling very pleased with myself,  I took a few steps back to really *see* it.  That's when I discovered a block had been turned wrong. DRAT BLAST!!!
Okay, okay - it's not the end of the world.  I took a deep breath and studied the quilt a bit longer and DOUBLE DRAT BLAST!!!!  A nine block section was turned wrong when I was sewing the sections together!!!  I was too mad at myself to take pictures of the bad top but believe me I was VERY unhappy about having to so more un-sewing!
I think that's when I decided it did not need to be layered, pinned or quilted right away.  So it is happily residing on the design wall, brightening up the studio.
 I think my colors are on the tropical end of the spectrum so the working title for this quilt is
"Caribbean Solstice".  Given the below zero temps we are experiencing for a few days this week after several snowy days last week, it is just the shot of summer color I need!
Oh, and the studio? That's another reason this isn't further along.  DH & I found and bought some storage units for under the cutting table on Thursday. Having the new drawer units in the house pushed me to continue the Great Fabric Migration, rather than just sitting and sewing. It's really made a difference which I will share in upcoming posts but not one more thing was done to my Celtic Solstice top - haven't even found a back yet.
I will get this quilt done fairly quickly and pictures will be shared. There I said it, it's out in the Universe, so no going back now! I haven't really thought of how to quilt it - need to live with it awhile.  I will also share 'What I Learned Along the Celtic Solstice Mystery Journey'.  Bottom line - it was a blast & I'm planning on doing it again. Are you?


  1. Well Done! Beautiful!
    Ciara T

  2. Cherry, the quilt top is perfect! Love the colors, they are so you!

  3. I discovered that my four patches were not running in the same directions after I had the center all pieced. But it was not that noticeable, or distracting to me, so I left it!

  4. This looks good, and I agree a mystery is definitely worth repeating.

  5. It looks beautiful! At least you caught those turned-around bits before it was too late to fix them.

  6. Love the name and it turned out lovely, I too am an expert with my seam ripper!

  7. Great job! I enjoyed visiting your blog. I'm thinking of changing my borders. You are smart to let it hang for a while and then decide.