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Thursday, January 2, 2014

What Did You Do On New Year's Day?

There is an old saying that whatever you do on New Year's Day, you will do the whole year thru.
Well, hopefully not everything because I spent some time shoveling and re-shoveling snow.  We had plans to visit our friends in WI (45 minutes away) but the snow just never stopped (okay at like 9 pm) and we decided to stay home.

So I sewed and sewed and sewed and then sewed some more!!
I also baked a batch of blueberry scones for breakfast and made Stracotto with Porcini Mushrooms (Italian Pot Roast) for dinner - YUM!!!!
Back to the sewing - Bonnie Hunter surprised us all with the reveal of Celtic Solstice  at Midnight (Eastern Time) on New Year's Eve! It's GORGEOUS!! Since it was only 11 pm here in Central Time, it made me want to go downstairs and start assembling blocks. BUT, since we hadn't celebrated the New Year and I was determined to finish the hand quilting on the Irish Chain wall hanging in 2013, I stayed put! 
I put the last quilting stitch in 11:27 p.m. on December 31, 2013!  I was shooting for a complete finish but I'll settle for a binding only in 2014.  Of course, it needs a label, too.  I had originally planned this one to go to charity auction but it's tugging at me, so I'll hang this in the sewing area and make another. 
So what did I sew yesterday?? My Celtic Solstice units became blocks!! 
For the small size quilt (75"x75"), the layout is 7 by 7 = 49 blocks.  Where I had calculated we needed to do 92 more units, we have 2 borders (one cream and one teal) to make that will be separated by the blue & orange Tri Rec units. My cream will be all the same fabric as it has been all along. But my teal border may just end up pieced - have to go check the stash and see what's left to use.
I finished all 49 Blocks!!!! YAY!!!!!!
I had LOTS of help but didn't grab the camera. Rest assured my stitching quality was checked and rechecked.  I know it's not a race but I don't want to lose momentum and I so want to see how my colors all play into the design.  I'm planning on this being a quilt as you go finish - need to find backing in the stash right away!
 And Just For Fun - So Far For Small Size Quilt 

Total Seam Count = 1811 + 392 = 2203
Total Piece Count = 2344
Total Unit Count = 533
 I just checked out the window and Mother Nature had decided that today will be another snow day today and it's starting already! I get to hunker back down  and sew some more. Must plan something to cook to keep the boys as happy as they were yesterday.
DH, Hobbes and Zappa taking an afternoon nap on New Year's Day!
Don't want to get ahead of myself but so far, it looks like 2 finishes underway for January 2014! Fingers crossed!!

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  1. Both quilts look absolutely smashing! MY Irish chain quilt is just lovely, just sayin'

    Tell Wil, no more naps...get a job! ;-)