A View of My Quilt Life

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Online & Irish Chain!

We have INTERNET!!  A thirty minute phone call, one dead modem and a three hour service call, and we are back online!
You may have noticed the Irish Chain hanging on the wall above my cutting table in the previous 2 post. 
The last quilting stitch was put in at 11:27 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. Working on it is what kept me awake so I could celebrate at midnight! The binding was finished on our Anniversary evening, January 3, 2014, so that makes this - The First Quilt Finish of the New Year!! 
Here is a quick picture taken outside in near zero temps with wind gusts to try to get the colors to show closer to what they actually are.  The lime squares in the top left tends to just fade way out.
I have a confession:
It doesn’t have a label.  It doesn’t have a label because it doesn’t have a name.
I am so ashamed.
Normally, my quilts name themselves long before the last stitch is anywhere in sight. Not sure what happened with this one.  Not that I can blame the quilt, I am causing this dilemma.  I see it as a life transition, pathways into the New Year, new Spring leaves sprouting after a long cold Winter, promises of the next decade of marriage, a milestone marker, or simply really cool Caribbean color gradations of hand dyed fabric against deep dark black to make them pop in a classic quilt pattern. 
It’s all of those things and more. That’s a lot for a wee little quilt to be, let alone try to convey all of that in a name on a label that doesn’t take up the whole back of the quilt.  I need to put some thought into it so I can move on and have this quilt really finished.


  1. It is a lovely quilt - I noticed and admired it in your previous post. Hope you can think of a name for it soon.

    Congratulations on being back online. We lost internet connection for 2 days late in December and it was very strange to be without it. But I probably did get more stuff done in those couple of days!

  2. I have the worst time naming quilts! I have named a grand total of ONE of my quilts. I'm actually working on a little contest to see if other people have better ideas than I do.