A View of My Quilt Life

Friday, January 17, 2014

Not Having Much Fun Here...

And this is all my fault.

I want to sit down and play with this - for my Daring Downton Debacle (DDD) Challenge Quilt

But I can't do that until I tackle this 
Notice I plopped it down right on my sewing table so I can't avoid it.

UGH!!! Where does all this miscellaneous paper come from? Surely I didn't make this mess, did I??  Yeah, yeah, I know it's mine but I swear I'm not a disorganized person.  This is the result of not having a system in place to adequately handle the every expanding amount of quilt sketches, cut lists, project notes, inspiration pictures, etc.  

Oh, and of course, I already had an empty file box and a supply of file folders on hand to handle this glut of quilty stuff but I was being a little lazy and always too 'busy' to properly deal with the paper until it multiplied into a mountain. SHAME on me!! 

Well - NOT ANYMORE!! As the ongoing house de-cluttering/reorg continues, I will sort and file all quilt related paperwork in an appropriate spot - not a pile for later. Later never seems to arrive and things don't get done or cleared out.  So a part of every day or every two days, will be spent on projects like this. By breaking the mountain down into little hills, then tackling those little hills one by one, progress will be easier to see and provide momentum for even more to get done. 

The more that gets done, the more I'll enjoy my quilting time.  Time for a nice cuppa and get busy with a 'hill' of paper because there are layout sketches for the DDD quilt to get done.


  1. Good luck, I love the process of filing, but paper tends to pile up until I get around to it. I have this same problem with going to bed. I love sleeping, but actually getting in bed gets me every time. :)

  2. I hope by now you have managed to get it all put away, and get into that interesting looking book!